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Let’s start with three very important numbers for anyone running a business. 68, 0.78, and 1000.

They are percentages. First is the amount of online experiences beginning with a search engine, second is the number of users browsing past the first page of search results, and the third is the amount of traffic SEO drives over organic social media.

So, it is clear that this SEO thing makes a big difference in how internet traffic works. Then what is SEO, how does it work, and what can it do for your business? That’s exactly why you are going to read on. To find out how you can make it work for you.

What is SEO And How It Can Help Your Business

The process entails improving various aspects of your website to increase visibility on search results. With increased visibility, you will gain more attention from a larger audience.

You will gain new customers and existing customers are likely to be return guests.

How The Process Works

Various search engines such as Google and Bing have processes that scan the internet placing websites in an “index”. They use the information collected to analyze each of the pages based on a variety of ranking factors.

The quality of these factors ultimately determines the ranking of each of these countless websites. From content quality to keyword research they have a distinct weighting and play into this ranking.

Optimizing a site around these factors is what will affect the ranking and allow your site to rise in the search results.

Major Ways SEO Works For You

Knowing the methods behind the system is only part of the bigger picture. Now you need to know exactly how to make the system work for you. SEO is a proven, highly effective marketing system when utilized properly.

Brand Awareness

With higher rankings, you are not only showing up as someone who has a product to sell or a service to offer. You are also showing that you are a business that has a level of expertise within the field you are a part of.

Beat The Competition

By optimizing your site you are not only directly working on your marketing efforts but also outranking your direct competition. Built into these optimization efforts is the act of pushing those in the same field as you lower in the ranking.

The majority of users will not browse past the first page of search results when researching products so you must show up on that first page.

ROI Numbers are High

SEO is far more successful than traditional marketing. Its campaigns have led to over 13% more successful leads, on average.

To get a better idea of what that means we can apply numbers to that. Your business has 30 new leads a month, each is $500. You implement SEO efforts and now you have 34 leads.

This equates to an extra $24,000 a year in revenue.

Compare this to traditional marketing campaigns which are averaging at a meager 2%. The gain that SEO is presenting to a company is huge.

Return on investment remains high also because SEO does not rely on the usage of paid ads for any part of it. A majority of marketing campaigns use some amount to a paid advertisement. But, there may not be room in a budget for smaller businesses.

Luckily these businesses can still find the strong benefits of effective SEO management. They can incorporate paid ads into the campaign when they have a larger budget.

UX Improvement

Understanding UX or user experience and web design are essential. This can be a fluid activity as well, trends and customers change. But the process of SEO lends itself to a strong understanding of what this entails as this is a quality that Google monitors.

If a site is hard to navigate or it is difficult for a user to find the desired information it is very unlikely they will return. Your site may initially rank high in the search results but it will be short-lived and without return visitors.

Using SEO Hits All Stages of Customer Interaction

Content marketing has been a growing trend as of late and by combining the two a business can see a double threat, so to speak. Content marketing includes, but is not limited to;

This type of content allows a business to more directly connect with its visitors. Initially, content creation may not lead to conversion right away but content marketing has been found to effectively increase lead generation over time.

The content generation which, effectively needs SEO, is as much as 54% more effective than standard marketing when looking at conversion rates.

Consumers love original content. It gives them an idea of what you have to offer, your worth. More importantly, they don’t have to pay for it.

More than 60% of consumers prefer businesses that create original content. These and are more likely to share and recommend said businesses to others.

What Is SEO

With its cost-effectiveness and a higher return on investment that SEO marketing methods have, there is no question about choosing to make it a part of any business’ toolkit.

By creating original content and increasing visibility, your brand is boosted not only in the marketing sense but in the product sense. SEO is a holistic approach when it comes down to it.

Now you know how the system can work for you. Get in touch with Marketing Blitz, a reliable SEO company in Brampton, today and get an SEO campaign started!